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Frequent Questions


Once my stone mason installs my stone is it ready for use?

            Once the stone is installed, whether you have a fireplace, flooring, or countertops, the stone should be sealed properly. This helps prevent the stone from staining, retaining moisture, and brings out the natural color. There are several options for sealing stone. Most home supply stores, such as Home Depot or Lowe’s will carry several different brands. It is important to make sure that you are choosing a sealer designed for the type of stone that you have had installed. When in doubt, just ask a salesperson or read the labels. That being said, we realize that if you are using the stone to cover your home, you can’t possibly seal every stone. This stone does not have to be sealed, however, for more information read the “Dangers to Natural Stone” section in the FAQ.

What if I spill something on my stone?

            If the spill can not simply be wiped off and washed down with bleach and water, then different measures must be taken. Most natural stone is very porous and often the stain goes down into the stone. Depending on what is spilled and the type of stone, the process for cleaning could be different. The stains could react badly with cleaners that are applied, causing the stain to go farther into the stone. The best course of action if this happens to you is to call us!

How do I clean my natural stone?

    Cleaning natural stone is a multi-step process; however, it is really quite simple. The best method of cleaning your stone is very basic. Grab a large bucket and fill about halfway with warm, soapy water. If the stone just needs to be cleaned up, then a splash or two of bleach will be perfect. However, if the stone is stained, more bleach may need to be added. After getting your water ready the real work begins. Cleaning in sections, such as stone-by-stone, works best for most people, but each to their own.

Dangers to Natural Stone

            There are several chemicals used in common building materials that can and will cause damage to your natural stone. When choosing mortar for setting your stain make sure that it does NOT contain waterproofing agents. This will cause the stone to discolor and have a black, moldy growth to it. Another major no-no with natural stone is Hydrochloric Acid. This acid is commonly used for cleaning brick after installation. However, this chemical will bleach the color out of sandstone and cause limestone to discolor. Hydrochloric Acid can also cause the stone to deteriorate in large amounts. When installing stone the best method is to make sure that it never comes into contact with any chemicals that you might be using for brick, siding, roofing, and other general home construction.

Do you install natural stone?

We do not do installations on our stone. A stone mason will need to be hired for the job. We sometimes have recommendations of masons we have worked with in an area, however, we take no responsibility for their pricing or craftsmanship. 

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